12 June 2015

Minutes of Farmers Market Committee Meeting

Friday 12 June 2015, 1 p.m.

Kate’s place, C*******, Moruya

1. Attendance/apologies

Present: Kate Raymond, Stuart Whitelaw, Martin Gribble, Hughen McConaghy, Penny Cook, Geoff Scott

Apologies: Sandra Makdessi

Isabelle Hennequin has resigned from the committee as she is no longer a stallholder at the markets. There was discussion about her replacement. Kate will advertise for expressions of interest on the blog, facebook and the SAGE stall notice board. The successful applicant will be proposed at the SAGE AGM in August.

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were accepted by Kate and seconded by Hughen.

Matters arising

  • Tuesday Market Day – This is in the early days but seems to be progressing well. Stuart will attend the next Chamber of Commerce meeting.
    • Stuart
  • Media Strategy – Kate will put the first blog up on the website and start working on follow ups.
    • Kate
  • Stallholder Inspections – Kyle and Old Mill Road have been inspected since the last meeting. Next on the list is Affordable Seafood and there is one booked in every three weeks until October.
    • Kate/Stuart/Sandra
  • Possible further FRRR funding – Nothing has been heard as yet.
  • Donation boxes – Stuart showed the committee the new donation boxes and there was discussion about how best to present them. It was decided to approach stallholders to take turns in having them on their stalls.

3. Financial Report

Geoff tabled his report and noted we are struggling to break even. Following discussion about how to raise our revenue it was decided to wait and see what happens with the donation boxes and then look at the possibility of raising stallholder fees. In the meantime Stuart will talk to the Council again about the possibility of any contribution to the markets.

  • Stuart

Martin suggested starting Vinyl & Veg early in the spring and asking SAGE if the money made can go to the farmers market account.

4. Any other business

  • Draft e-Market Terms of Use etc – a number of issues were discussed including:
    • the cost of produce on the e-market –v- the real market. It was agreed they should be the same
    • who can sell on the e-market. It was agreed that only stallholders can sell on the e-market
    • Kate’s visit to Campbell Page about a work for the dole participant. She and Stuart will meet with her friend Leigh who can advise about this.
      • Stuart/Kate
  • The proposed rules were officially accepted and Kate will circulate them to stallholders.

  • Regional achievement community awards – Kate will check our eligibility for this award.
    • Kate
  • Questions for foraging part of EIS – Penny explained how this works and the following questions were agreed upon:
    • Have you noticed an increase/decrease in business on Tuesdays?
    • Have you noticed any other effects in town on that day?
    • Any other comments?

    It was decided to hold off on this until Stuart has been to the Chamber of Commerce meeting. They may agree to survey the businesses in which case Penny will only survey those people living in the vicinity of the markets.

    • Stuart/Penny
  • Stuart has applied to join the LLS Community Advisory Panel. There seems to be a good deal of interest in the local food industry.
    • Stuart
  • Kate advised that the Council is proposing a ‘plastic-free July’. She will ask Council how this will be possible for those producers at the market selling fish, meat, etc.
    • Kate
  • Kate advised she will go ahead and have more DL flyers printed.
    • Kate
  • Kate mentioned the ‘Food & Seek’ website. She is waiting for a response from them about how it might benefit our market.
    • Kate

Next Meeting: Friday 3 July 1.00p.m. at venue tba.

No further business. The meeting closed at 2.30 p.m.