17 July 2014

Minutes of Farmers Market Committee Meeting

Thursday 17 July 2014, 10.00 a.m.

Kate’s Place, C*******, Moruya

1. Attendance/apologies

Present: Kate Raymond, Sandra Makdessi, Stuart Whitelaw, Penny Cook, Hughen McConaghy, Isabelle Hennequin

Apologies: Geoff Scott

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were accepted by Kate and seconded by Sandra.

Matters arising

  • Farm visits – the next two producers to be visited will be Hughen and Kevin McCash.
    • Kate/Sandra
  • SEED survey – on our first survey day we spoke to 157 and counted 590 customers. Penny advised that Helen Coreau has offered to do the data entry. Kate needs to check if we can access the data from the SEED program. She also mentioned Bethany (social science survey person) and will follow up with her to see when she will start.
    • Kate
  • ESC business development:
    • Rob Fenton’s workshop went really and Sarah is keen to hold another one soon.
    • Stuart will talk to Sarah about some permanent signs and a banner about the delicious award. He will also talk to Amanda about designing an A3 poster for stall holders to put up

3. Financial Report

Judith is looking after the financial in Geoff’s absence. There was no report.

Stuart will organise payment for the video which is being edited at the moment.

4. Any other business

  • Farmers market award – it was agreed that we need to have a celebration, particularly for the stall holders. This will be a picnic at SAGE on 10 August – bring a picnic and drinks. A notice will go out in the SAGE newsletter.
    • Sandra
  • There was discussion about the importance of maintaining the authenticity of the markets in light of the award. Kate will speak to the stall holders about the start time and the reasons for not selling until 3 p.m.
    • Kate
  • Where to from here? Stuart will arrange a meeting with Cath Reilly and Sarah Cooper to talk about tourism/funding/media opportunities, etc. Stuart will also email Jane Adams to discuss the future.
    • Stuart
  • Website makeover – Kate showed the committee the new website which includes the e-commerce shop. It was agreed to go ahead with Inky Smudge’s recommendations. She will now begin to organise the e-commerce trial.
    • Kate
  • Sandra recommended that the ad in the Moruya Public School newsletter be continued this term – agreed. She will also talk to Steve Babbage at St Peters about a similar thing for their newsletter.
    • Sandra

Next Meeting – 7 August at 10 am venue tba.

No further business. The meeting closed at 12 p.m.