2 December 2015

Minutes of Farmers Market Committee Meeting

Wednesday 2 December 2015, 9 a.m.

SAGE Garden, Moruya

1. Attendance/apologies

Present: Kate Raymond, Stuart Whitelaw, Penny Cook, Geoff Scott, Martin Gribble, Caroline Power, Sandra Makdessi

Apologies: Hughen McConaghy

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were accepted by Caroline and seconded by Sandra.

Matters arising

  • Stallholder inspections – Inspections will be put on hold now until the new year. Kate is waiting on copies of updated documents from Affordable Seafood as per the rules and regs.
  • e-Market Pickup – This is going well although numbers are quite low. It was agreed that we need to work on decreasing the number of people involved each week. Kate also advised that she is working on some website glitches with the developer which, when fixed, should encourage more people to use the central pick-up.
  • EIS release – letter to GM – Kate advised the huge amount of interest the EIS has sparked and she has had emails from Canada and the UK. Stuart advised that the council has agreed to revisit the possible variation of fees during the EOI process.
  • Community stall policy – Kate will work on this for the next meeting.
    • Kate
  • More signs – Kate has spoken to the stallholders and some of them are interested in putting up signs further out of town. She to follow this up.
    There followed a discussion about the possibility of ending up with too many stall selling the same thing, but it was agreed that our 2:1 policy is a good safeguard against this.

    • Penny
  • Rural lands draft strategy – Submissions have closed and it is now a matter of waiting for the results.

3. Financial Report

Geoff spoke to his report which will be sent to the committee with the minutes.

Report accepted by Martin and seconded by Penny.

There followed discussion re the viability of the donation boxes and it was agreed that some sort of novelty box at the entrance to the market might be a better proposition. Kate will talk to the men’s shed at Broulee and/or Ulladulla markets about making something.

Stuart mentioned the pledge forms which are available from the newsagent for the establishment of a locally funded community bank (Bendigo Bank).

4. Any other business

  • Membership of AFMA – Kate will renew this.
    • Kate
  • Buskers for the summer markets – Martin brought this up and will investigate.
    • Martin
  • Kate explained about a court case which is ongoing in Adelaide between the organiser of a so-called farmers market and a local fruit and veg shop. Kate has discussed the matter with the shop owner’s lawyer who has explained it is about due process, their argument being that the local council did not process the “farmers market” DA properly. It has potential ramifications for the definition of farmers markets all over Australia. At the same time an expo has recently been held in Parliament House in Canberra where grain producers and all sorts of other broad acre farmers showed their produce. It was badged as a national farmers market. Subsequently Kate has been invited to Canberra tomorrow to a meeting with Senator Anne Ruston who is the Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources. Jane Adams and representatives from the Victorian FM Association will also be there and hopefully one outcome of the meeting will be a definition of national farmers markets.
    • Kate
  • Kate also advised that she and Stuart are working on setting up a NSW farmers market association.
    • Kate/Stuart

Next Meeting: Wednesday 6 January 9.00a.m. at SAGE Garden.

No further business. The meeting closed at 10.00 a.m.