3 July 2015

Minutes of Farmers Market Committee Meeting

Friday 3 July 2015, 1 p.m.

SAGE Garden, Moruya

1. Attendance/apologies

Present: Kate Raymond, Stuart Whitelaw, Martin Gribble, Sandra Makdessi, Penny Cook

Apologies: Hughen McConaghy, Geoff Scott

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were accepted by Kate and seconded by Sandra.

Matters arising

  • Stallholder inspections – The next inspection will be with Red House Chocolates.
    • Kate/Sandra
  • Donation boxes – It was agreed to continue the boxes for a couple of months and then revisit this with a view to increasing the stallholder fees by $5 if the boxes have not been successful. Kate has spoken to the stallholders and the majority were positive about a possible increase.
  • Campbell Page – Stuart and Kate met with Leigh Smith from Campbell Page to discuss Work for the Dole possibilities. There are two schemes available:
    • a group (5–12 people) for a minimum of 25 hours/week plus a supervisor for six months. Each person would attract $3000 of funding which goes to the costs of the supervisor, insurance, etc.
    • an individual for a minimum of 15 hours/week @ $1000.

    They discussed the possibility of a group being employed to build the toilet with a qualified carpenter as the supervisor. In their down time they could learn gardening skills and help contribute to the soup kitchen and the SAGE stall. Kate to talk to Alda about this.

    They also discussed the possibility of employing an individual to set up the central pick-up point for the e-market.

    There followed discussion about various aspects of both. Sandra agreed to look at completing a food safety supervisor ticket at TAFE and she and Kate will liaise with Leigh about possible ways forward.

    • Kate/Sandra
  • Regional Achievement Awards – Shirley Taylor is working on this submission for SAGE.
  • Economic Impact Survey – Penny will go ahead and survey those businesses which are not part of the Chamber of Commerce Tuesday market scheme.
    • Penny
  • Plastic Free July – Kate has spoken to the stallholders (particularly meat and fish). There are problems with this so it was decided not to be part of the campaign. Alternatively, we will start a bag bank at the SAGE stall. Kate to send out notice to members and purchase a clothes basket for the bags.
    • Kate
  • Food & Seek website – Kate to follow up.
    • Kate

3. Financial Report

There was no financial report in Geoff’s absence. Stuart will email the SAGE report to Penny.

  • Stuart

4. Any other business

  • Stuart talked about the possibility of cross promotion with businesses in town. He will follow this up with Southlands.
    • Stuart/Kate
  • Kate advised there are a couple of stallholder applications which need consideration:
    • Anna Keary – ready to eat foods
    • Mark and Vivien Moss – ready to eat food and strawberries at the end of the year
    • Ben Buggy – muesli – Kate and Martin will check out his website.

    It was agreed that Anna and the Moss’s will be given the go-ahead.

    • Kate/Martin
  • A conversation followed about creating a ‘food hall’ around the big tree at the end of the path near the river. Kate will contact all the possible stallholders for a meeting at the park to discuss.
    • Kate
  • It was agreed that all of Kate’s out-of-pocket expenses will be paid during the trip to Sydney for the delicious awards.

Next Meeting: Friday 7 August 1.00p.m. at SAGE Garden.

No further business. The meeting closed at 2.30 p.m.