4 November 2015

Minutes of Farmers Market Committee Meeting

Wednesday 4 November 2015, 9 a.m.

SAGE Garden, Moruya

1. Attendance/apologies

Present: Kate Raymond, Stuart Whitelaw, Penny Cook, Geoff Scott, Martin Gribble, Caroline Power

Apologies: Sandra Makdessi, Hughen McConaghy

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were accepted by Kate and seconded by Geoff.

Matters arising

  • Stallholder inspections – Congo Sourdough has been completed although the video will be made later. Inspections will be put on hold now until the new year.
  • e-Market Pickup – Kate will organise a separate meeting for this with Sandra, Geoff, Caroline and Penny.
    • Kate
  • EIS release – letter to GM – Kate has finished the report and is waiting for feedback from her and Stuart’s economist friends. Stuart suggested adding some information about the Rural Lands Strategy which would support our request. Kate and Stuart will complete the letter and send it to the GM with an email copy to all the councillors.
  • FM Newsletter – After discussion with Penny, Caroline recommended holding off on this for the time being because there are still a number of producer inspections left to do, plus finalising information on the e-market pickup, and the amount it will cost to complete. Discussion followed re getting the fresh food message out to more of the community. Kate will talk to the Sharks football team to see if they will come on board and Stuart will research some free leaflets from vegetable associations which we can hand out and give to the medicos to have in their consulting rooms.
    • Kate/Stuart
  • Customer relations – notice of chemical use. It was agreed that we should still encourage people to talk to the individual stall holders. Penny will make a sign to that effect for the SAGE stall.
    • Penny
  • Boots for change – post event report – The day went really well. Stuart will be writing a report for Jane Adams. Kate spoke about the great work Mellissa Marshall (Ag teacher at the high school) is doing and the collaboration with Kyle and the Harvest Festival. Mellissa has set up a blog about the vegie growing Kyle will be doing with students and the dinner to be held during the festival.
    • Stuart

3. Financial Report

Geoff spoke to his report which will be sent to the committee with the minutes.

Report accepted by Stuart and seconded by Kate.

4. Any other business

  • Community stall policy – after discussion about how to move forward it was agreed to accept three main groups into the markets – schools, sporting groups and environmental groups (not including activist groups). It was also agreed that they should pay the Council proportion of the stall (i.e. $14). Kate will start work on a draft and circulate it to members.
    • Kate
  • Suggestion for more signs – one of the stall holders suggested she could make some more signs and put them up along the road further out of town as she comes to the markets. It was agreed that Kate will organise to have some signs made and we will enlist a number of the stallholders to put them up and take them down on market day.
    • Kate
  • Balloons policy – it was agreed to have a “no balloons” policy. Kate will draft it up.
    • Kate
  • Rural Lands Draft Strategy – Kate and Stuart were interviewed by a member of the consulting firm writing the report and their ideas have all been included. The consultants have also recommended that the Council lower its fees for the Farmers Market. However, Stuart emphasised the importance of reading the strategy and being involved in the feedback sessions as much as possible. There is potential for a great deal more urban development on rural lands than might be expected.
    • Kate
  • Jenny Bell resignation – Jenny Bell has resigned from the committee as she is finding it very difficult to give it the time needed.
  • Website backup – Kate advised that the website is so big now that she is unable to back it up. It was agreed that she spend $35 a year for the extra capability to do so.
    • Kate
  • PIN payment gateway on e-market – Kate advised that this alternative to PayPal will cost around $100 and it was agreed that she should go ahead.
    • Kate

Next Meeting: Wednesday 4 November 9.00a.m. at SAGE Garden.

No further business. The meeting closed at 10.00 a.m.