7 August 2014

Minutes of Farmers Market Committee Meeting

Thursday 7 August 2014, 10.00 a.m.

Kate’s Place, C*******, Moruya

1. Attendance/apologies

Present: Kate Raymond, Sandra Makdessi, Stuart Whitelaw, Penny Cook

Apologies: Geoff Scott, Hughen McConaghy, Isabelle Hennequin

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were accepted by Stuart and seconded by Sandra.

Correspondence – letter from the mayor congratulating us on the delicious award.

Matters arising

  • Farm visits – Hughen’s visit went really well with a great video to go on the website. Kevin McCash will be next.
    • Kate/Sandra
  • SEED survey – we have decided to enter this first lot of data on both the SEED website and into an Excel spreadsheet. Penny will arrange for Helen Coreau to start entering data when she returns from holidays.
    • Penny
  • ESC business development:
    • Meeting with Cath Reilly and Sarah Cooper went really well. Sarah took some promotional material to the expo in Sydney pushing an agrarian renaissance and there was a lot of interest in our idea of a ‘seed change’, particularly from young people wanting to leave the city.
    • Other things talked about included ‘bundling’ SAGE workshops with other experiential tourism – Sandra, Stuart and Fraser will talk to Cath about this.
      • Sandra/Stuart/Fraser
    • Since the award Fraser has been receiving a lot more enquiries about his internships.

3. Financial Report

Judith is looking after the financial in Geoff’s absence. There was no report.

4. Any other business

  • Shoalhaven Mushrooms – an ongoing problem with early starting. Stuart will talk to Michelle before the markets next week.
    • Stuart
  • University of Canberra social impact study – the questions being proposed were accepted. Kate will advise Bethany.
    • Kate
  • Yumaro workshop for people with mental disability have been talking with Stuart about the possibility of setting up a seedling nursery in Moruya. There is also the shire group working out of the same building under the guidance of Tina Crowley and there is some confusion about who is doing what. Stuart will talk to Tina to sort things out. Her group has offered to make bags for the markets but their price is too high for us. Discussions are ongoing.
    • Stuart
  • Website makeover – Kate showed the committee the new website which includes the e-commerce shop. It was agreed to go ahead with Inky Smudge’s recommendations. She will now begin to organise the e-commerce trial.
    • Kate
  • Kate and Stuart met with Megan ??surname?? at SAGE this week to discuss the Supply Chain funding proposal. They will liaise with Bega Cheese to prepare an application. One suggestion was to apply to hold workshops for producers to learn how to use the e-commerce site.
    • Kate/Stuart
  • Sunday celebration – it was decided to have a large sheet printed with ‘Congratulations’, delicious award, etc. Kate to speak to Moruya Printing. It was also decided to invite Lindsay Brown. Discussion about general organisation of the day.
    • Kate
  • Kate raised the idea of producing a bumper sticker for sale. She will talk to Amanda about a design and quote.
    • Kate
  • Kate mentioned a discussion at the SAGE exec meeting the night before regarding establishing relationships with various like-minded groups in the country. She will talk to Jane Adams from the Australian Farmers Market Association re the NSW group and how we might become more involved with them.
    • Kate

Next Meeting – 4 September at 10 am venue tba depending on the weather.

No further business. The meeting closed at 12 p.m.