7 October 2013

Minutes of Farmers Market Committee Meeting

Monday 7 October 2013, 11.30 a.m.

Kate’s home, A******, Moruya

1. Attendance/apologies

Present: Kate Raymond, Penny Cook, Sandra Makdessi

Apologies: Geoff Scott, Hughen McConaghy, Stuart Whitelaw, Isabelle Hennequin, Jock Quirk

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were accepted by Kate and seconded by Sandra.

Matters arising

  • Farm visits – the visit to Luke Hemler’s place has been postponed until later in the season so there is more produce to see. Kate will talk to South Coast Dairy about a visit shortly.
    • Kate/Sandra
  • Meeting with GM – held over until the next meeting.
    • Stuart
  • Kate advised that the chocolate sellers will be at the markets tomorrow.
  • DL flyer – Kate presented the flyer and will begin distributing them shortly.
    • Kate
  • E-commerce forum – it was agreed to pay Kate the sum of $211.68 for out of pocket expenses. She demonstrated the demo version of the theme which seems to tick all the boxes.
  • Market signage – ongoing.
  • School newsletter – Sandra has spoken to seven schools in the area and will follow this up now that the school holidays have finished. Sandra will also contact the Council about putting a notice somewhere for staff.
    • Sandra
  • Compliance with Food Act – Kate advised that Mat has stated that all food stall holders need to have three walls and a floor. The messages seem to be quite inconsistent. Kate is to follow this up with Mat and advise stall holders when the requirements have been made clear.
    • Kate
  • Media strategy/FAQs – Penny will follow this up when she returns from leave in November.
    • Penny

3. Any other business

  • Caroline Power has asked if she can join the committee – this matter was held over until the next meeting.
  • Online advertising – Kate advised she will begin pursuing online advertising for the website. She has also listed us on the ‘Destination NSW’ website.
    • Kate
  • IMB funding – held over until the next meeting.

Next Meeting – 10am Thursday 7 November at the SAGE block (Kate’s place if raining).

No further business. The meeting closed at 1.15p.m.