9 January 2015

Minutes of Farmers Market Committee Meeting

Friday 9 January 2015, 10 a.m.

SAGE Garden, Moruya

1. Attendance/apologies

Present: Kate Raymond, Stuart Whitelaw, Penny Cook, Geoff Scott

Apologies: Sandra Makdessi, Isabelle Hennequin, Hughen McConaghy, Martin Gribble

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were accepted by Kate and seconded by Geoff.

Matters arising

  • DL flyer – Kate advised we need to be members of the tourism association to leave fliers at the Visitors Centre in the Bay. She has spoken to Sarah Cooper re waiving the fee and is awaiting a reply. Stuart will follow this up with the mayor and suggest to SAGE executive that they join.
    • Kate/Stuart
  • Letter to council re pavilion – ongoing.
    • Stuart/Kate
  • Identification of primary and secondary/tertiary producers – Kate advised that Barrabaroo were only filling pre-ordered packages and no further action is necessary.
  • Costs for temporary stallholders – to be discussed at the next stallholders’ meeting.
  • Sale of prawns – after discussion about guarantee of supply, our rules and regulations, fish licenses, primary/secondary producers, etc. it was agreed that our rules will be rewritten so that fish sellers will have no special allowances. This will also be raised at the next stallholders’ meeting.
    • Kate
  • E-commerce – Kate advised she is making progress with suggestions that came out of the pilot and that we need to launch the program by the end of January. Any further problems can be ironed out as we go. Some further drafting of rules can be done by email plus training of producers needs to be put in place. The following further points were discussed:
    • a possible one-off registration charge for buyers of $20 for which they will receive a cooler bag
    • whether we will have a $5 surcharge for each purchase. This could encourage people to buy more online or rather, come to the markets
    • centralised pickup –v- face to face. It was agreed that face to face is an important part of the food shopping experience
    • PayPal – ongoing
    • Kate will take this to the next stallholders’ meeting and call for producers to sign up by the end of the month
    • short-term ongoing costs will be a problem until the thing starts making money. Stuart will propose to the SAGE executive that they budget a weekly amount for the next six months to cover such costs
    • The launch will be held on the last Tuesday in January (27th). Stuart will prepare the media release.
      • Stuart

3. Financial Report

Geoff presented the financial report from 10 December to date. Accepted Kate, seconded Stuart.

4. Any other business

  • Survey by Bethany Turner (UC) – she will be carrying out her survey very soon making sure it doesn’t clash with our EIS days.
    • Kate/Stuart
  • Locating stalls – Kate advised that people were complaining about being located on the side street. It was agreed that the increase in stalls should be accommodated along the path leading to the swimming pool rather than east.
  • Seating areas – we are not in a position to do anything about this at present.
  • Letter from Pam Hamory re excess produce – Kate will include this in the next newsletter to stall holders.
    • Kate
  • New banners – Kate and Stuart will investigate and progress this matter.
    • Kate/Stuart
  • Stuart showed the committee his concept for the new pavilion which has been applauded by the mayor. It will be a large undertaking for the future but sowing the seed has been successful so far.

Next meeting time and place to be determined given Sandra’s new work times.

No further business. The meeting closed at 12.30 a.m.