15 February 2013

Minutes of Farmers Market Committee Meeting

Friday 15 February 2013, 4.30 pm

SAGE block

1. Attendance/apologies

Present: Stuart Whitelaw, Hughen McConaghy, Adrian Cram, Kate Raymond, Penny Cook, Sandra Makdessi

Apologies: Geoff Scott

2. Start/finish times

It was agreed that 3–6 pm will be the official times after the end of February..

3. All-weather venue

Discussion about various ideas, the most possible being 3 x 6 m marquees over the pathway. It was agreed to start with one and build up from there. There was also discussion about who will put them up and take them down.

    • Stuart will look at how it might work on the site and report back with costs, etc.

4. Approach for forming policies, rules, regulations, etc.

It was agreed that we would follow the rules of the Australian Farmers Market Association. Discussion followed about various additional aspects including:

  • seafood needs to be from a boat that operates within our area (within 100 km of Moruya)
  • establishment of a code of conduct for stall holders
  • checking growers’ produce during each 12 months
  • there will be no agents selling at the markets
  • establishment of a ‘growing the community’ stall for use by NFP organisations and charities on a rotating basis
  • stall holders need to have product insurance
  • shared stalls will have no more than three producers.
    • Stuart will send out the draft rules he has developed to the committee for comment.
    • Geoff will check SAGE insurance regarding product insurance.
    • Kate will continue developing a relationship with the fish people including asking them how they think it should look.

5. Launch of permanent market

After discussion it was agreed that the big celebration will be on the first Tuesday of the school holidays. However, for the first Tuesday in March we will do a press release about continuation of the markets, etc. Kate has a PR friend who might be interested in coming down for the celebration to act as MC/comedian. Stuart suggested talking to the ABC to see if they would like to do a live report on the first day or the celebration, or both.

    • Sandra will organise a press release ready to go in the paper as soon as we hear Council’s decision.
    • Kate will talk to her PR friend about coming for the celebration.

6. River of Art

It was agreed to invite local artists to come to the markets and produce a work for a “Market Art” competition with a first prize of $100 to be judged by this committee on the day.

    • Stuart will advise Sue Barford of this decision.

7. Bank Account

As the markets committee is a sub-committee of SAGE it was thought that finances could be dealt with through the SAGE account.

    • Penny will talk to Geoff about setting this up within the SAGE account.

8. Any Other Business

  • Hughen mentioned that a SMH journalist is keen to come to the markets to do a story on the coffee grower he uses from Byron Bay. This was welcomed as good advertising for the markets as well.
  • Kate proposed “moruyafarmersmarket.org.au” as our domain name which was agreed to.

No further business. Meeting closed at 6:15pm.