4 April 2013

Minutes of Farmers Market Committee Meeting

Thursday 4 April 2013, 5.00 pm

SAGE block

1. Attendance/apologies

Present: Stuart Whitelaw, Kate Raymond, Penny Cook, Geoff Scott, Sandra Makdessi

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were accepted by Kate and seconded by Stuart.

Matters arising

  • All-weather venue – Stuart has yet to meet with Council re this.
  • Rules and regulations – Stuart said Council has advised our level of cover is fine.
  • Food for musicians – information to go out in a memo.
    • Kate will write a memo to the stall holders about food for the musicians.
  • Launch day at markets — see Item 4.
  • Rules and regulations — See Item 3.

3. Rules and regulations

Kate advised there was a meeting with stall holders following last week’s markets. The general feeling was very positive. Kate stressed the importance of the markets for the local economy and there was some discussion about boundaries. Kate will be writing an information sheet at regular intervals for stall holders.

Geoff raised the issue of future changes to the rules and the wording will be changed slightly to give stall holders the opportunity to have input.

It was agreed that educating the public is one of the most important things about this market.

The following specific matters were discussed:

  • The fish man is not happy about not being able to sell Atlantic Salmon.
    • Kate will draft a letter to the fish man explaining the rules and code of conduct and asking him to reconsider on our terms. This will go to the committee for approval before she sends it out.
    • Kate will contact Craig Nye about local river fish.
  • It was agreed that Isabel could try a 50/50 mix of French and Australian flour.
    • Stuart will talk to Mel and Burke Street Bakery about Australian flours.
  • Phil Timms is happy about not selling his ‘out of area’ seeds.
  • Anne McDougal will not be selling Blue Hills honey any more as she was acting as an agent.

Kate has put the Farmers Market on Community Connect on Channel 10 for some free publicity.

The committee voted unanimously to adopt the rules and regulations, code of conduct and application form. Kate was thanked for all the work she has done on this.

4. Progress of official launch

The following matters were discussed:

  • Sandra will organise a half-page ad in the local paper which also allows for an editorial.
  • Comedian David Callan will MC the day and be race coordinator.
  • There will be a free sausage sizzle (with voluntary gold coin bucket) with John’s sausages and Alicia’s and Isabel’s bread, plus barbequed corn on sticks.
    • Geoff, Chris and John Bourne, Penny Ryan and Ainsworth
    • Penny to ask John and Penny Ryan
    • Geoff to ask Ainsworth
    • Stuart to talk to Tim
    • Penny to buy serviettes
  • Races will include potato and spoon, apple on a string, sack races and three-legged races. There will be two for each event – adults and children – and the prizes will be a $10 book voucher.
    • Book vouchers — Geoff
    • Portable PA system — Kate to speak to Monica McInerney
    • Sack races — Sandra to talk to Tubby about borrowing some sacks
    • Speeches, etc. — Stuart to compose markets song and perform it on the day
    • Stage — Stuart
    • Ukulele orchestra — Stuart
    • Guitar group — Not ready for public appearances
    • Damien Cohen — Kate
    • The Great Zamboni — Kate
  • Sandra spoke to Jan Turner-Smith and Jenny Bourne who will organise their students to do some art works this week that we can put up around the stalls.

5. Any further business

Penny asked if we could buy some scales for the market stall. It was suggested we ask Adrian if we could borrow his for the time being.

The next meeting was scheduled for 13 April at 11.30 a.m. at the SAGE block.

No further business, meeting closed at 7 p.m.