4 July 2013

Minutes of Farmers Market Committee Meeting

Thursday 4 July 2013, 10.00 a.m.

Kate’s home, A****** St, Moruya

1. Attendance/apologies

Present: Kate Raymond, Penny Cook, Geoff Scott, Hughen McConaghy, Stuart Whitelaw, Adrian Cram

Apologies: Sandra Makdessi

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were accepted by Kate and seconded by Geoff.

Matters arising

  • All-weather venue – Stuart advised that a DA had been approved. He is meeting with the Council sport and rec team next Thursday to discuss the brief.
    • Stuart to meet with Council to discuss brief.
  • Rules and regulations – Kate advised that none of the stall holders had raised any issues with the drafted changes to the rules, as presented at the last meeting. Adrian moved that the changes to the rules and regulations relating to selling fish be accepted. Seconded Geoff. Carried.
  • Farm visits – Kate and Sandra have visited Ernie’s farm which was very successful. He was very happy with the video and it will be up on the website shortly. The next visit will be to Michelle’s mushroom farm, possibly next Monday.
    • Kate, Sandra and Stuart to visit mushroom farm
  • Stall holder reps on committee – Kate advised Isabel has expressed interest. Discussion re primary/secondary producers. It was agreed that at least one rep should be a primary producer.
    • Kate to follow up with further canvassing of stall holders

3. Funding application

Kate explained the funding application which is for a revamped website but unfortunately SAGE is unable to meet the criteria of dollar for dollar or machinery equivalent. Penny advised there is another round of funding coming up in August which should be suitable for the application. After discussion about what Kate could do to start the process without funding, it was decided to wait until the next funding round before we do anything further.

4. Any other business

  • Advertising – Stuart advised he will be talking to the General Manager on Thursday about reducing our fees on Tuesdays. Hughen suggested capping the fees for a number of years. Discussion around striking a balance between passing on fee reduction to stall holders and possible advertising with the extra money. Hughen suggested this could be centred on the high tourism times, say four times a year. Isabel had suggested advertising in the school newsletters.
    • Kate to discuss options with stall holders.
    • Hughen/Sandra to organise advertising in school newsletters.
    • Kate to contact the Bay tourist office re details on their website.
    • Stuart to organise community noticeboard with ABC radio.
    • Penny to investigate a feature article in Earth Garden.
  • Community Centre Cloth bags – Kate will talk to Tina about us selling them on consignment.
  • Chicken tandoor and satays – Kate will contact them and talk about using local chooks from Nowra, possibly supplied by John Gamble (Southlands Butcher).
    • Kate to have further talks with chicken tandoor and chocolate people.
  • Kate mentioned the chocolate people and there was discussion about sourcing materials in Australia. It was agreed they could use imported products if unavailable in Australia.
  • Balance of market stalls – discussion re the balance of primary and secondary producers. It was agreed that approximately 2:1 was a good ratio.
  • Kate has listed the markets on Google maps.

No further business. The meeting closed at 11.30 a.m.