6 June 2013

Minutes of Farmers Market Committee Meeting

Thursday 6 June 2013, 11.00 am

SAGE block

1. Attendance/apologies

Present: Kate Raymond, Penny Cook, Sandra Makdessi, Geoff Scott, Hughen McConaghy

Apologies: Stuart Whitelaw

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were accepted by Kate and seconded by Sandra.

Matters arising

  • All-weather venue — apparently there was an item in a recent local paper advising that Council had given approval for the structure.
  • Rules and regulations — In her next newsletter to the stall holders Kate will request feedback about sales on the Launch Day (extra advertising) compared with normal days. There was discussion about preparing some stats for the new GM to back up request to waive some of the fees. Kate has spoken to Craig Nye about a stall at the markets but licence costs are prohibitive so he declined.
    • Kate to gather info re additional advertising and start compiling some stats for the GM
  • Australian Farmers Markets Association — Kate has contacted the NSW branch and she will send something to them when the new website is completed.
    • Sandra to email 2EARFM with words for the bulletin board.

3a. Markets start time

Following discussion it was agreed to leave the start and finish times as is over winter. Hughen raised the idea of closing during August and September. It was agreed that this will be put to the growers in the next newsletter and discussed at the next stall holders meeting on 18 June. Kate will send a draft of the proposal to the committee for final OK.

    • Kate to include closing proposal in next newsletter and organise stall holders meeting for 18 June.

3b. Lighting costs

The quote from Stu Scobie for lighting was $90/stall. It was agreed that individual stall holders should supply their own lighting if they wish to sell all through winter. Kate will cost the portable LED lights and include this in the stall holder newsletter.

    • Kate to investigate costs of LED lights and advise stall holders.

4. Fish rules

Kate tabled the proposed changes to the fish rules and following discussion it was agreed that Rule No. 33 of the changes be deleted.

5. Farm visits and interview questions

Kate and Sandra will be visiting Ernie next Tuesday. It was agreed that the same set of question be used at each visit.

    • Kate and Sandra to visit Ernie’s farm next Tuesday (11 June).

6. Stall holder representatives on committee

Now that the markets are established, stall holders are to be asked to nominate two of their own representatives to the committee to replace the two appointed by the SAGE Executive. This will be added to the newsletter and discussed at the stall holders meeting.

    • Kate to include this on the agenda of the stall holders meeting.

7. Future committee meetings

It was agreed the committee meetings will be held on the first Thursday of each month at predetermined venues. The next meeting will be held at Penny’s place (73 The Anchorage, Moruya Heads) at 10a.m. on Thursday 4 July.

With no further business the meeting closed at 12.30 pm.