6 May 2013

Minutes of Farmers Market Committee Meeting

Monday 6 May 2013, 2.00 pm

SAGE block

1. Attendance/apologies

Present: Stuart Whitelaw, Kate Raymond, Penny Cook, Adrian Cram, Sandra Makdessi


2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were accepted by Kate and seconded by Stuart.

Matters arising

  • All-weather venue — Stuart has met with council who have agreed to amend their rules to allow structures in the park. He has met with a group of local architects and has proposed two permanent roof structures either side of the existing cement slab near the amphitheatre which can be joined if necessary. The Committee agreed that he should continue to pursue this course.
    • Stuart to continue with proposed structure ideas.
  • Food for musicians — information has gone out to stall holders.
  • Rules and regulations — Kate advised that the forms are dribbling in from stall holders. Following discussion about the fish man being an agent it was agreed that Kate will amend the rules and regulations to accommodate this unique situation. The meeting affirmed that the produce must be from within the designated region and that no product that is being sold at the markets by a producer (e.g. oysters) can be sold by the fish man.
    • Kate to adjust rules and regulations to accommodate fish sellers.
    • Kate to contact Craig Nye about local river fish.
  • Official launch day — this was a great success. Stuart will talk to the stall holders about the two days during school holidays re whether the extra advertising for the launch day made a difference to their sales. If so, it may be worth their while to start contributing to an advertising fund. It was also agreed to start advertising on the Community Bulletin Board on 2EARFM.
    • Stuart to talk to stall holders re further advertising.
    • Sandra to email 2EARFM with words for the bulletin board.

3. Farm visits program

It was agreed that the farm visits program should commence as soon as possible. Kate suggested we look at three producers initially – Ernie Hunklinger, Sandra and Dean and the Queen Street Growers. Discussion about a format to follow and Kate will follow up on this. She also talked about her ideas for the website/blog which will be very useful for the public and producers.

It was agreed that the blackboards should encourage the public to “talk to the growers” about their produce.

    • Kate to progress the farm visits.
    • Kate to continue work on the website.
    • Kate to do blackboards with “talk to the growers” signs.

4. Other Business

It was agreed that we should join the Australian Farmers Market Association.

    • Kate to investigate this.

With no further business the meeting closed at 3.15 pm.