8 August 2013

Minutes of Farmers Market Committee Meeting

Thursday 8 August 2013, 10.00 a.m.

Kate’s home, A****** St, Moruya

1. Attendance/apologies

Present: Kate Raymond, Geoff Scott, Stuart Whitelaw, Sandra Makdessi, Isabelle Hennequin, Jock Quirk

Apologies: Adrian Cram Penny Cook Hughen McConaghy

2. Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes were accepted by Kate and seconded by Geoff.

Matters arising

  • All-weather venue – Stuart advised that following a positive initial meeting with the ‘Matrix’ group at Council, he will be presenting 3 options for consideration to Council after the meeting. Those present indicated that the western option (near the boat ramp) was their least favoured.
    • Stuart to meet with Council to discuss further options.
  • Farm visits – Kate, Sandra and Stuart have visited Shoalhaven Mushrooms which was very successful. The sound on the video was not of a good standard so Kate has arranged to shoot it again.
    • Kate, Sandra to revisit next week.
  • Stall holder reps on committee – One primary producer would be an asset.
    • Kate to follow up with further canvassing of stall holder
  • Meeting with General Manager – Sandra and Stuart met with Dr Catherine Dale to discuss SAGE and the farmers market. The proposal for a fee reduction on the basis of time duration and day of the week was floated. A report recommending consideration of a variation to the license agreement will go before Council on 27 August. Stuart will speak on the issue before the meeting.
    • Stuart to submit report to Council.
  • Chicken Tandoor and satays/ chocolate sellers – Committee has suggested looking at the market rules about food products that are not manufactured in Australia.
    • Kate to redraft rules for secondary and tertiary producers regarding overseas ingredients.

3. Any other business

  • There has been a deputation to Council from local traders concerned about the negative impact of the markets on main street business. It is understood that the main concern is with the Saturday Markets.
    • Noted.
  • DL Flyer – it was resolved to produce a limited run DL flyer for spring and summer.
    • Isabelle, Kate, Sandra
  • Market signage – Stuart to look at a fabric sign that could be attached to the tree guards explaining the basic market rules, starting times, and smoke free zone.
    • Stuart
  • Advertising in school newsletters.
    • Sandra/Isabelle
  • Stall positions and power – there will need to be some re organisation for the busy period to allow power access for those who need it.
    • Noted.
  • E-commerce forum – pending the sourcing of funds to develop an e-commerce facility for the SFM website, a forum will be held inviting stakeholders to table their ideas and questions to help shape the design of the system.
    • Kate to consult with stallholders and broader community. Stuart to contact Council.
  • Backyard growers (non-commercial growers) – resolved to allow backyard stalls as part of SAGE stall. Proposed costs $7 per grower and they must be a member of SAGE.
    • Kate to draft rules.

Next Meeting – 10am Thursday September 5 at Penny Cook’s.

No further business. The meeting closed at 11.30 a.m.