Cooking up local culture with local food

The recent selection of our market’s managing committee Chairman Stuart Whitelaw’s receipe for inclusion in the Australia Cooks upcoming cookbook got us thinking.

As Stuart pointed out in his post about his submission, recipes can reflect the uniqueness of a region and his recipe was selected because it did precisely that. Every ingredient was sourced locally: either from a local grower at the market, his backyard, or foraged near his home.

What better way to celebrate the quality and diversity of food produced in our region than to create a showcase of recipes that feature not just the amazing produce, but the people who grew it as well?

So we’ve started up a new section on our website to do just that. Stuart’s recipe is the first of what we hope will grow into a unique collection of recipes that capture the essence of our local region and help promote the benefits of eating seasonally. As Fraser Bayley, current SAGE President, said in our What is SAGE? video,

we want to put the ‘culture’ back into agriculture

We know that there are LOADS of great cooks who shop at our market. We’re calling out to all home cooks, chefs, foodies, lovers of the culinary arts… create a dish, send us your recipe. Make it original. Make it unique. We’ll cook it, photograph it and publish it on our website with full credit to you (and your business, if you’re a professional chef) and the growers from whom you sourced the ingredients.

Download the recipe submission form, fill it in and email it to me at If you can send a photo as well, so we know what it should look like, that would be great. Otherwise, we’ll have some fun with it in the kitchen and surprise you with our own presentation.

Get cooking!!

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