Caterer Microgreens – Peas


Caterer Microgreens – Peas


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Stepping Stone Farm is now supplying a number of restaurants and cafes. Larger catering Microgreen punnets are now available. An affordable option for larger events and parties. Browse our selection.

Additional information

Pea Microgreens

Large crunch leaves suitable for garnish and cooking

Sunflower Microgreens

Large sweet, nutty, crunchy leaves for garnish and cooking

Coriander Microgreens

Strong coriander flavour from a tiny, beautiful leaf

Sorrel Microgreens

Stunning green leaves with red veins. Slightly sour taste.

Red Radish microgreens

Spicy taste dark purple colour

Pink Stemmed Microgreens

Spicy flavour, exquisite red stems and green leaves.

Green Radish Microgreens

Standard green, spicy radish microgreens.


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