Chai Masala with Carob and Cacao (pouch)


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Chai Masala with Carob and Cacao (pouch)



Sadly not grown at Mystery Bay but our hand made recipe is made from the highest quality organic ingredients and mixed with our own spices. In this blend we have a spicy mix of ginger, pepper, cinnamon, cacao and carob for a fragrant chai blend. Mixed with our own ChenPi (aged and dried mandarine peel), with a dash of our non-deodorised cacao powder, which we use in our hand made chocolate. Ordinarily cacao is treated with hexane to reduce the natural flavonoids that make it more palatable to western senses. We choose this ingredient to enhance the nutritional value of the plant. Rounded out with the sweetness of organic carob, which we do have growing in our food forest but it is not ready for harvest yet.

To use, mix a HALF teaspoon per cup into the pot and infuse with 78 degree water for a few minutes then serve. Drink hot or cold. Refill the pot with hot water again for a second brew. This is a very strong blend and can be used with milk and sugar for a conventional chai, our preference is to have it without. No Black Tea – which means No Caffeine. We use a tea strainer direct into the pot, or if you haven’t got one, it can be added straight to the cup with a good stir, although some material will still float to the top.

Our earth bags for the teas arrived this week – you should be able to manage about ten serves per pouch, depending on how strong you prefer your brew.

You can also add this blend to baking as a spice – we add it to biscuits and cakes.

out of stock

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