Organic Lotta Love Lemongrass and Lavender Tea (pouch)


Organic Lotta Love Lemongrass and Lavender Tea (pouch)


Local organic lavender and lemongrass with lemon myrtle. No caffeine.

A true labour of love, we introduce our new range of home grown, hand blended teas and infusions, made on demand. Grown locally at Mystery Bay these blends will only ever be in short supply and seasonal offerings. In this blend we have lavender which is the same lavender we use in our hand made chocolate, mixed with lemongrass and lemon myrtle. A relaxing zingy blend made from 100% Figtree hand picked organically grown herbs. No pesticides, herbicides, preservatives and low food milage with these unique blends.

To use, mix a teaspoon per cup into the pot and infuse with 78 degree water for a few minutes then serve. Drink hot or cold. Refill the pot with hot water again for a second mild brew.

The earth bags for our teas have arrived this week so it’s a smaller portion and lower price accordingly. The pouch should have enough for about eight brews in a small tea pot.

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