Quality, convenience and service the focus of SAGE online farmers market

Eurobodalla Mayor Lindsay Brown holds a box of local produce with SFM Chairman Stuart Whitelaw alongside, looking appropriately chuffed. The SAGE Farmers e-Market central pickup point “is an important development for the local food economy,” said the Mayor.

In a move intended to make the SAGE Farmers e-Market more convenient for customers, a centralised pickup point for online orders will commence operating at the midweek market in Moruya from Tuesday 17th of November.

Customers who have shopped online can choose to have their purchases collected for them and have their entire order boxed and waiting for pickup from the SAGE stall at Riverside Park.

But for those who like the face-to-face experience of collecting their purchases from the stall holders themselves – and those impulse-buy opportunities that creates – they can still choose the cheaper do-it-yourself option.

“The SAGE Farmers Market came about because there was a huge demand for local food that wasn’t being met,” said Market Manager Kate Raymond. “Then we developed the e-market because we knew there were people who couldn’t get to the market in time to get the most in-demand produce.

“Now, we’re launching this centralised e-market pickup point service to respond to those e-market customers who want greater convenience and don’t have the time to queue for something they’ve pre-purchased. It’s a service we always intended to offer and we knew it was an important feature of the e-market to make happen, so we’re excited to see how the pickup point will increase the number of people choosing to buy food directly from local growers.”


By shopping online over the weekend, customers can ensure they get the first pick of that week’s harvest, effectively putting them at the front of the queue for the premium quality produce.

“This is an important development for the local food economy,” said Mayor Lindsay Brown. “Local agriculture is an emerging industry in this Shire and any enterprise that helps get more local food on more local plates should be applauded. SAGE continues to show that eating locally doesn’t have to be something for the lucky few. A service like the e-market makes local food available to anyone, whether you can make it to Moruya on Tuesdays for the 3 o’clock bell or not.”

The e-market opens every Friday at midday and closes every Monday at midday. Shop over the weekend and collect your order from the market at Riverside Park from 3pm each Tuesday.

To receive a reminder when the e-market opens every week, add your email address to the notification list.

For more information, contact Kate Raymond at markets@sageproject.org.au or on 0413 920 620.

SAGE Farmers e-Market

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