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Kale & Silverbeet Lasagna

Another recipe from non-cook and Market Manager, Kate Raymond (me). I've adapated this from a book of authentic from-scratch Italian cooking. I've tried to incorporate shortcuts while still using fresh, local ingredients.

Potato and leek soup

This recipe comes from self-confessed non-cook and Market Manager, Kate Raymond (me). No kidding, if I can cook this, anyone can. It's also a fantastically easy recipe for kids to make.

Albacore Tuna Ceviche

Contributed by SAGE member Julie Holmes. This recipe is really easy to throw together in the morning, then pull out of the fridge when you're hungry in the evening. It's good with rice or you can whack it in a burrito with some beans, salsa and salad, OR just put it on a piece of Honorbread sourdough toast. Perfect with a cold beer.

BBQ ‘Oyster Coast’ oysters with grilled potatoes and samphire

This recipe was created by Stuart Whitelaw and was selected for inclusion in the 2015 Australia Cooks cookbook.