Spring has sprung (as if we didn’t know)

Last week at the park, I observed Magpie mating behaviour a little too closely. This week, the trees are in blossom. Yup, it’s spring, 1st September be damned.

And new stall holders are popping up like daisies!

Much to the relief of a few addicts connoisseurs within our farmers market family, coffee has returned to Tuesday afternoons. Kyle Levier is our newest stall holder and is positively oozing “eco” and “sustainability” from his lightly caffeinated pores.


Kyle uses Australian coffee, sourced directly from the farmer just outside Byron Bay, NSW. The 100% Arabica beans come from Ewingsdale Coffee Estate, where they are grown organically (not certified), processed, roasted and packaged by the grower himself, Robert Frater. They’re hand picked, fermented in rainwater and sun dried! Oh, quick! Where are my hippy pants?!?

Robusta, the face-slapping wake-up bean of the coffee world that is usually blended with most coffee, is conspicous by its absence. Not only that, coffee grown in this region has been shown to be generally lower in caffeine anyway, meaning the risk of late afternoon coffee-rage, coffee-induced small-child-intolerance (a real thing) and insomnia is greatly reduced. The most these beans have been sprayed with is seaweed. No pesticides, no synthetic chemicals and definitely no bromides, with which all imported coffee is sprayed upon entry to Australia.

For a newcomer to the coffee-van scene, Kyle’s got it all going on. The van is a sweet setup, barely used. He’s even researching solar power. He’s well on board with the focus on local ingredients and I spied both Tilba and Bodalla Milks in his fridge. Naturally, all the cups are biodegradable. The whole disposable cup thing is an issue that bothers Kyle, though. We’ve been talking about that a bit lately…

Welcome Kyle — and Natalie — may you espress sustainable coffee for a long time to come!