Teapots and babies

It’s not just the fantastic food you can buy at the market that makes going there so great. Sometimes it’s the little surprises you find at the stalls, like a teapot of flowers. Many of the producers make some effort to create an attractive and inviting stall. Hey, some don’t, which is fine too — probably most people just want to buy food without any fuss — but I like the little touches you see here and there.

The teapot was on the Earth’s Sake stall, another new stall holder who joined us a few weeks ago. They’re still getting themselves organised, so only have a small selection of veg to offer, but they’re planning a lot more. It’s exciting to see the market acting like a crucible, producing new businesses and new products just by providing the opportunity to access consumers.

Daylight savings is here!! Ripper. Beauty. Mate. It’s the start of our summer season and that means the market is “open” longer. What that means is that a number of stall holders will be trading until at least 5.30pm or even 6.00pm every Tuesday. Veggie growers, not so much at this stage, because the summer bounty isn’t upon us yet, so supplies are still a bit limited. But you will find fish, organic meat, sourdough bread and at least some veggies. Oh — and coffee. I won’t guarantee anything else at this stage, because I didn’t get to talk to all the stall holders, but rest assured, it won’t be long until many more stalls are trading well after 5.30pm.

If you come, they will stay. If they stay, you will come. It’s real chicken vs egg stuff, but we’re well into our first year of trade, so the various issues affecting staying open later should be ironed out by the time we enter our 2nd year. We’re all working on it.


One of our regular stall holders and his partner had their first baby last Tuesday. Luke Hemler and Ebony Riches are now proud parents of Lachlan who has already experienced his first market. I just had to have a look. I’m not interested in holding babies (not at all clucky at my age), but I’m always amazed to see the size of a newborn. So teeny. We forget, I think. Welcome, Lachlan, and we look forward to seeing you grow up in weekly Tuesday instalments.