The 2015 Beast Feast Eatery Tour comes to Moruya

Introductory pop-up eatery experience, the “Beast Feast” is coming to Moruya next Tuesday 18th August and will be yanking on the parking brakes right alongside the market at Riverside Park, signifying the moment of Peak Hipster in the Eurobodalla.

Three innovative food truck businesses have teamed up to create this moving feast as it tours from Sydney to Melbourne, where it will launch a new outlet for one of the group, the Knafeh Bakery.

They will be joined by pizzamakers Happy as Larry, featuring local produce from the market in their toppings (yay!) and Newtown craft beer heros the Young Henrys.

Yes. Pizza. And beer. And knafeh for dessert. Riverside Park. Next Tuesday afternoon and into the evening.

That’s probably all you need to know, but if you’re interested, here’s a bit more about them.

[You can probably tell I didn’t write the next few paragraphs.]

Travelling from Sydney to Melbourne and stopping in between at Moruya, Yass, Gundagai and Albury, the “Beast Feast” gang will be setting up shop at each stop from mid-afternoon through till the evening. Showcasing everything from authentic Napoli pizza and craft beer to a Palestinian bakery, these iconic Sydney locals open their doors to some new faces in the hope of making some new friends!



Iconic in Sydney’s Inner West and known as the loveable larrikins from Newtown, Young Henrys have carved an enviable foothold in the craft beer market nationwide. With award winning beers, ciders and most recently a small batch gin (now distributed through Nip Of Courage), the crew at Young Henrys have gone from strength to strength over the last 3 years; popping up at festivals and tradeshows around the country whilst also co-running Sydney’s Small World Festival.


Working out of an unassuming shipping container, the gentleman of Knafeh have turned what’s ostensibly just a steel box, in to a fully functioning commercial bakery adorned with street art! Known for their sweet cheese and semolina pudding and run by “The Bearded Bakers”, the team sing and dance as they create the tastes of Jerusalem for all!




Not the first to cotton on to the practicality of shipping containers as commercial spaces, and certainly not the last; Happy As Larry have spent the last few years hopping around Sydney, on a mission to ensure everyone finds the time to try their traditional Napoli inspired pizzas.


There will also be some Sol Invictus Motorcycle Co. 250cc Mercury Cafe Racers escorting the food trucks, if you’re into that sort of thing. They’ll even let you have a ride, if you’re nice to them, or you can go pillion with a Bearded Baker, if you prefer.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience a sample of some fantastic food and craft beer on the banks of our beautiful river. It will be great night — the city is coming to Moruya!


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