What a difference a week makes

The market was back to running at full steam today.

Weather for today’s market was the polar opposite of last week. That’s spring for you. The crowds responded with gusto and hopefully our stall holders enjoyed a boom afternoon after last week’s bust.

I spent last weekend at the Sapphire Coast Producers Association’s South Coast Field Days. It was an interesting and thought provoking couple of days. Our own Old Mill Road BioFarm and South Coast Cheese (producers of Tilba Milk) participated in a session in the speakers tent, talking about how they make their small farm enterprises sustainable (financially, that is) and there were other fascinating sessions about soil biology and chemistry, “small” scale (400 acres) mixed farming, waterway restoration and more.

While a couple of days at an event can’t tell the whole story of a local food system, it’s hard not to make comparisons, and I’ve come away with a greater appreciation (if that’s possible) of what we have available to us in Moruya. I guess it’s part of the human condition that when something becomes part of normal life, we take it for granted. Well, I’m here to tell you, the number and diversity of stall holders we have at our market is a precious thing that needs to be nurtured and cherished. Yes, we need more — more farmers, more food — and SAGE is working on it, but to have what we’ve got right now… frankly, we need to remember to count our blessings every week.

Speaking of blessings, humbly busking at our market today was Merimbula-born, international success Kim Churchill. Man, what a talent!! I am staggered that a bloke about to tour Europe with Billy Bragg(!!) was playing for small change at our little market today.

I bought a CD.